Biophile is an architecture, design and research studio.


The focus of the work is the investigation , progression and realisation of biophilic architecture through the use of digital design and fabrication technology in our built environment.  

The projects encompass a variety of topics including vegetated buildings; designing spaces that we as humans inherently relate to; and environmentally driven design that allows for passive, low-energy systems.

Barry Wark

Is a Scottish Architect, designer and teacher with over a decades experience practicing in London. He  graduated from The Bartlett School of Architecture in 2012 where he was awarded the Leverhulme bursary in 2 consecutive years for digital design and fabrication.

Upon graduation, Barry founded the architecture atelier Biophile which focuses on the progression of biophilic architecture through design research, teaching and projects speculative and built. His own research explores the indirect experience of nature and how the form, materiality and texture of our built environments effects our physiological and psychological well being.

Andreas Körner

Is currently committed to his PhD research at the Institute of Experimental Architecture at University of Innsbruck. Andreas studied at TU Vienna, die Angewandte and the Bartlett School of Architecture where he received his master's degree with distinction from Unit 20. For his research on porous facade systems and the application of CFD simulations to the design process he was awarded the Max Fordham Environmental Design Prize in 2016. Andreas explores passive methods to increase thermal comfort in architectural environments and their potential materialization as high-intricacy ornament.

Maria Knutsson-Hall

Grew up outside Båstad, Sweden and is currently based in London, UK. In 2009 she received a Bachelor degree at Lund School of Architecture, LTH, Sweden. After her degree she was offered the opportunity to work for Peter Cook's practice Crab-studio, London, where she has been working for 16 months. In 2012 Maria received a Masters degree (RIBA part ll) in Architecture with distinction after graduating from The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Maria is currently working at Populous Architects, London.