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North Rio Pool Club 

Forming the diving venue during a prospective materplan for Rio2016, it laterally transform into a new pool club that is intertwined within the landscape. The pool club provides much needed amenity space to the expansive North Zone of Rio De Janerio providing the same function as the almost inaccessible beaches to the far south of the city for the local residents.

The pool club looks to the social and cultural aspects of Brazilian life and in particular the beach as an appropriate context to inform the architectural design.

The tactility and openness about the body within Brazilian beach culture lead to an investigation of a spatial condition that reflected those interactions and attitudes. The proposal is that the experience of those interactions could potentially be enhanced them by the space in which they took place being equally tactile and engaging.

Rather than undertake a merely formal endeavour that many proponents of digital tools are prone too, the research instead looked to utilise digital  tools to explore a silicone rubber composite materiality. These composites created a series of tactile interfaces  that the pool clubs inhabitants would engage with as they socialised .

the resulting architecture is corporeal, corpulent, soft, squidgy ,saggy and tactile.

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