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Istanbul Library & Forum 

The design project is based in the district of Beyoğlu within the city of Istanbul. The site is located on a hillside between famous Istiklal Road and the Erdogan Stadium with a vast view over the entire Golden Horn. Currently the site is used as a large parking garage and a transformation into a recreational area is intended. As secular public squares in Istanbul are rare the project aims to establish a new Urban Forum in Beyoğlu. The forum houses a library with an underground archive, a datacentre as a „21st century library“ and an open campus including a palm house. The excess heat of the data centre is utilized to heat the rest of the program in winter by utilizing predominant natural wind directions on site for distribution. Performative layers control the indoor and outdoor climate zones, establish seasonal and diurnal comfort zones which are indicated by thermochromatic elements and can be occupied spontaneously. The forum offers a multitude of platforms and nieches, the poche‘ can be inhabited. The area between the building volumes serves as a public plaza while maintaining important view connections and vista points over historic Istanbul.

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