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Andreas Körner

Environmental Ecdysis

Andreas Körner actively pursuing research on the application of digital environmental flow simulations to the architectural design process – both on a building as well as on a construction scale. While being exposed to state of the art digital design tools at all his stages of education in both Vienna and London, his research accumulated in his final two years of his Master’s degree at the Bartlett.

Being influenced both by the factual and scientific approach of an engineer and the more poetic, conceptual and aesthetic method of an architect Andreas’ work and research tries to find a way how to combine both and develop a new language as well as design methodology that allows buildings to be more porous and open than they currently are.

Andreas is heavily inspired continuously intrigued by references from nature, may it be botany or biology. He takes great pleasure in communicating and sharing his ideas and expertise to both colleagues and students. While he is an advocate of digital design, materiality and fabrication are an inherent part of his design, research and teaching methodology which reflects in a process driven by constant output and a vast variety of quick design iterations.

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